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Water is the cradle of genesis: it is the liquid plasma that incubated life, without it there would be no life on our planet. Earth, along with humans and animals, is composed of 75% water; plants can reach up to 98%. More than half the world species still live in water. Our human birth actually begins at conception and for the first nine months, we develop and float in a wet, watery womb. Sound is very conductive in water and becomes the most prominent sense experienced by the fetus. A whale from the North Atlantic can hear another one calling from the South, thousands of kilometers away.

It's amazing how two basic gases like Hydrogen and Oxygen evaporate on their own, but together as H2O can bond and create such a phenomena as a puddle or an ocean. Scientist understand this attraction but still cannot explain why it happens. It is so strong that it's surface tension can hold up a substance heavier than itself. With a slight positive charge on one side and negative on the other, this polarity leads to an incredible attraction of water to water and explains how plants can pull it up their roots via a capillary process.

As a universal solvent, water can dissolve just about anything, allowing the transfer of vital nutrients to trees and plants. For this very reason, water is heavily used in industrial processing; for example, it takes 120,000 liters to manufacture the metal and plastic to make a car. It is not how much water we use, but rather what we add to it that accumulates and combines with other molecules downstream to form compounds that cause cancer and disease in organisms.

Waterways fill in the cracks of the earth and often run on fault lines, they buffer and absorb earthquake vibration. With almost every river on earth dammed, it impedes the self cleansing flow, and large reservoirs add pressure to these fault lines. Water has everything to do with climate, it coats the earth with a misty warm blanket. Oceans and great lakes are storage containers which act as heat exchangers on our planet. They are the source of rich moisture that becomes precipitation for the land. Trees and earth are also water reservoirs, as well as being natural filters that man cannot duplicate.

Water is dynamic, always changing from gas to liquid, to solid, and back again. There are two ways of understanding this essence of life. One is a logical, materialistic science that seeks to define, analyze, measure and organize nature. This is our modern day system. The other is the irrational; a more spiritual, intuitive and ancestral knowledge that participates with creation. Pythagoras said it well:" Wisdom, the understanding of the source or cause of all things. This can be secured by raising the intellect where it intuitively [becomes conscious of] the invisible manifesting outwardly towards the visible. Bringing itself to be in rapport with the spirit of things, rather than their form."

Who better to ask than a dowser, a water witch or a sorcerer (a name derived from 'source'). They use a Y-shaped branch, metal rod(s) or a pendulum, and hold it parallel to their waist. When they feel a sympathetic attraction to that which they are searching for, the tool will start to vibrate and/or move downward. It is comparable to tuning into a radio frequency. They say it helps if you drink water. Many dowsers state that water can come from rock, that it can be locked into minerals in a crystalline form, awaiting the appropriate electrochemical force within the earth to release itself. This explains how certain rock springs have supplied communities forever. They perceive the magnetic lines of the earth and understand that all veins, water, mineral and oil, form in alignment with these energetic currents. The Hindus call it Prana, the Greeks call it Pneuma or Vital spirit. The Chinese call it Ch'i or Vital cosmic breath; their medicine and martial arts reflects this concept of channels of energy charted throughout the human body. They see glands as transformers of this vital force into physical matter. Many native Canadians call it Manitou or Great Spirit and perform sacred rituals on medicine wheels scattered about our continent; they acknowledge them as a vortex on a planetary grid.

Water has intelligence and memory. An herb dissolved in water has an effect on microbial growth. An extract of this herb watered down has almost the equivalent effect; therefore it has passed on information. Western homeopathic medicine is based on this principle. Leave an open bowl of water and it will collect all the odors in the room and take that memory down the drain. Someone once stated :" Maybe water is so in intelligent that it created us to carry itself around in." Trees are smart too, when they are attacked by a bug or a virus, they put out a distinctive odor than warns the others to formulate an antitoxin.

Eloise's boys jump into Slocan Lake

My very first teaching in life skills camp is from the middle of a stream because it is the lowest point where life begins again in the spring. It is where the first plants will defrost, grow and often become the largest specimens because of the oxygen rich atmosphere. The turbulence of the rushing water breaks up the drops and they release their gas. As young children, we were taught to drink safely from a moving stream because it has the capacity to cleanse itself. 'Spring Fever' is to become energized on Oxygen, people become active and cannot sleep and we all know what happens then. Birds are singing and reproducing, streams are so loud you can't speak nearby and at night, you can see lights dancing in the creeks from boulders colliding with such friction that they create electrical charges.

In New Denver, B.C., we had a T.B. clinic because people would heal in green mountain forest air. Glacier fed streams have more Ozone (O3) in them from the air trapped in the ice. Remember that one glass of water equals 1/3 Oxygen; we not only breathe it but drink it too. We also have Hot Springs in our area which have a lot of silica, calcium, sulfur and other minerals. People have come crippled with arthritis, to later throw away their crutches and walk again. Insurance companies used to add ten years to your life expectancy if you frequented the Hot Springs.

When we consider ourselves so advanced in managing our water, we just have to look back a hundred years ago to a little town in the Ukraine that sustained itself on an elaborate system that collected dew water. Yes, morning dew formed between heaven and earth held a prominent position in alchemy and the healing sciences. During the full moon in May, the heaviest dew of the year, women would rub it on their face to ensure everlasting beauty. We all know about the lunar influence on the tides as well as the ovarian cycle in women. The Tibetans state that during the full moon, one must be cautious with drinking to much fluids as it can intensify our emotions.

Tribal Lore separates water into masculine and feminine, you can see the parallel in nature. For example, the Blue Nile runs over alkaline calcium mountainous rocks which retain a positive charge. The White Nile becomes negatively charged from acidic swampy, organic matter. Both rivers come together to fertilize the lower valleys of Egypt. In India, the Ganges is similar and unites with the Jamuna in Benares, one of the oldest cities in the world, where every Hindu hopes to bathe because they know that the energetic quality in the river can cleanse and heal even your sins.

Fresh virgin creeks run wild and are full of vitality. They absorb the surrounding air, rain, as well as the magnetism of stones and dirt formation that it must travel through. When water runs over volcanic rock, it becomes paramagnetic (attracted to something) and is gifted with additional revitalizing qualities. The Himalayan Hunzas attribute their longevity to their sources running through glacial dust. In other places, water from low lying areas is often diamagnetic (repelled by something). Swamps are considered grocery stores by foragers, and people soak in the mud to detoxify. Pipes rob our water of magnetic properties, but if you treat this water with magnets, you will have less calcium deposit in your pipes; the health of your family as well as your crop yield will increase. Biodynamic gardening uses a method of stirring the water to create a vortex and collapses it repeatedly to charge it. It is based on an old system called 'Singing Over The Water' which gives great results in farming.

Pashupatinah, Katmandu, Nepal (woman's festival called Tij  at cremation site on Bagmati River)

Rivers, lakes and holy springs are very much part of the religious fabric of every culture. In Christianity, Mary's appearances were always accompanied by a sacred healing spring. Analysis of many Holy Waters show high levels of Ozone (O3), minerals and magnetic properties. Virus and other disease thrive in low level Oxygen, but once it is increased, they die off. For thousands of years, native Canadians have gathered every summer solstice to bathe, commune and pray in Lake St-Anne, Alberta. They bring precious samples home to heal their loved ones. For some strange reason, this particular area grew some of the largest species of animals in our country. In stark contrast to this picturesque scene, a few hundred kilometers away, fumes rises from the toxic chemical dumps in Swan Hills, Alberta, one of the worst environmental disasters in our history.

These two images that run side by side represent the two versions of the Canada that I know. One is a corporate governing system that tells you that they are going to manage our water like they've done to the earth, where industry dissects and pollutes to the point of no return. The other is a nation that still clings to belief in the sacredness of the land, the free spirit of the water and the true sources that feed the real people, forever and ever. Amen.

Let us leave a living legacy

line drawing by Eloise


Eloise Charet

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