Saskatchewan Waterwalk Updates from 1998

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July 25th - Waterwalk reaches Viden, Manitoba and Eloise visits B.C.
July 14th - Waterwalk arrives in Regina
July 8th - Updates from July 2nd to July 8th via Waterwalk email from Swift Current
July 7th - Waterwalk reaches Gull Lake in Saskatchewan

posted: July 25, 1998
sources: email excerpts from Karin in Moosomin, Saskatchewan; in person with Eloise in New Denver, B.C.

From Karin Roberts email of July 22nd:

"We arrived in Moosomin this morning. The local newspaper, The Spectator, came out and took a picture of us arriving in this town. We're down to our last few dollars but we are being taken care of. A woman came up to me about 5 minutes after we arrived in town and within minutes donated $20.!

...I stopped to buy some water and paid $7.50 to fill up our blue container. Yikes! I heard later that no one in town drinks water from their taps here. Most people drive outside of town to a pure spring and fill up their containers. The newspaper guy, Kevin, told me about that and then gave me a lovely container full of the spring water! Lots of generous people in this town!

...Please tell Eloise that everything is fine and that we could wait in Brandon when we arrive there around the 27th of July. We're making good time... we arrive [in Viden, Manitoba] around July 24th."

Eloise returned to the Slocan Valley in British Columbia to commemorate the anniversary of the New Denver Flats Protest and the arrests made in New Denver on July 22, 1997. Eloise fasted for many weeks while incarcerated in prison after her arrest in New Denver.

Rallies were held at Ministry of Forests offices in Castlegar and Nelson on Wednesday, July 22 1998, which Eloise attended and spoke at.

On Saturday evening, July 25th, Eloise will attend a WaterWalk fundraising dance in Silverton, B.C.

On Sunday, July 26th, she will join other New Denver arrestees in viewing logging which has occurred in the New Denver Flats during the past year.

Early on July 27th, Eloise will travel back to Manitoba to rejoin WaterWalk in Brandon.

A number of corrections and additions to this website will soon be made, based on recently audio-taped conversations with Eloise Charet which are in the process of being transcribed.

P.S. - WaterWalk email from Viden, Manitoba on July 25th

Karin and Kerry of WaterWalk reached Viden on July 24th, as projected, where they stayed overnight. They will walk to Brandon and then wait there for Eloise to rejoin them. Excerpts from Karin's July 25th email from Viden will be posted as soon as the Manitoba pages are set up.

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posted: July 14, 1998
source: phone message from Eloise in Regina

In Moosejaw we meet some aboriginal people. They were very helpful. We stayed in a home that was quite receptive, and we had an elder woman of the Anishnobe [spelling may be incorrect] that did a ceremony for us down by the water and did prayers and blessings that was really quite touching.

We're in Regina right now. We had CBC interview us on the way in, and tomorrow [July 15th] we're walking to the Legislature Building and we're going all the way up to City Hall and the mayor has finally agreed to meet us after refusing and everything. We convinced him finally of the importance and that we are not aggressive and so on, so he is going to meet us for five or ten minutes tomorrow and we're going to have the press there. In Regina its pretty exciting and we're getting a lot of attention because the water is in pretty bad shape, and we're having a lot of fun.

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posted: July 8, 1998
source: email from WaterWalk in Swift Current, Sask.

We arrived in Medicine Hat on Thursday, July 2. We stayed at the Gas City Campsite. The reporter who covered our story in Suffield joined us at the campsite to chat. Also, two fine young men, Paul and Chris from Suffield stopped by to sign the car.

On Friday, we walked to Walsh and found a campsite right by the road. None of us slept well because of the howling wind, flapping tarp overhead and highway noise. The bathroom had a sign on the wall which warned us to boil the water for 5 minutes if we chose to drink it. Apparently, there are cows grazing upstream and polluting the water for those downstream. Needless to say, we did not drink the water but did take a sample to add to our woven bottle.

On July 4th, we crossed the Alberta - Saskatchewan border and were viciously attacked by swarms of mosquitos. Later that day, Kerry and Karin were caught in a thunderstorm with gale winds. Eloise rescued the walkers and we sat in a cafe until the storm subsided. That night we stayed at a ranch close to Piapot, Saskatchewan. The couple, Ken and Linda Wright shared our concern about the quality of water in Canada. Emma ws introduced to their 7 horses and was disappointed not to get to ride them!

The next day we walked to Maple Creek and drove south to the Cypress Hills. There we found a very wooded campsite with all the amenities. Kerry and Karin went for a swim in Lake Newel and the next morning Eloise attended a mass and was pleased when the priest agreed to weave the water for us. He also donated $20 to the WaterWalkers. That morning we also saw a Moose cow and her baby - a first for Karin, Emma and Kerry.

On July 6th, we walked to Gull Lake and found a campsite nearby. Eloise spoke to the Catholic priest in the community who agreed to let us stay in the basement of the church. It was very comfortable lodgings and we had fun that night cruising down the streets of Gull Lake in the FlowMobile. Many people stopped to ask us about our the WaterWalk and we got alot of moral support for our efforts. The editor of the local newspaper, The Advance, (John Peters) came to take our picture and we talked the priest into posing with us. Gull Lake was named after a lake that no longer exists. Apparently it was bombed and now is fertile agricultural land.

Yesterday (July 7th), we walked to Swift Current and arrived in time to share a drink or two with a local businessman and his friends. He helped us to find accomodation in the York Hotel in downtown Swift Current. That night, Karin brought out her guitar and sang a few songs with the locals in the bar. The hotel room was very stuffy and Emma and Eloise got next to no sleep.

Today, we drove to the local T.V. station (Swift Current) and Eloise was interviewed for the evening news. Should be good public relations. We are just about to get back on the road. We hope to arrive in Moose Jaw in a couple of days and will arrive in Regina on July 13 or 14.

Oh, I almost forgot that a couple of Nelson residents stopped to talk to us on the road yesterday. They're on their way to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. It was great to see them and they generously provided us with organic fruit from the Co-op. What a treat! The first organic fruit in far too long!!

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posted: July 7, 1998
source: phone call to Harry Laktin from Eloise and Emma

The four WaterWakers reached Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on Monday, July 6th. They stayed overnight in a church basement. Eloise is in good spirits. Emma, Eloise's daughter, walks one or two kilometers a day and rides in the FlowMobile the rest of the time. Emma enjoyed their overnight stay on Sunday night, which was on a farm with lots of horses. Also she was excited when a moose and calf appeared on the road recently.

The weather has been difficult, with much rain and some hail. Winds have been strong- one day they were so severe that the FlowMobile (a heavy Ford LTD) was rocking back and forth, and many drivers were pulling off the road to wait it out.

There has been enough daily donations coming in to keep up with gas and food expenses.

WaterWalk will soon arrive in Swift Current (45K east of Gull Lake), where they may stay for a day or two.

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