Walking across Canada for Water
May 8, 1998  --  October 2, 1998

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Ad Mare Usque Ad Mare - Eloise Charet announces the Cross-Canada WaterWalk, April, 1998
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Weaving the Waters - waters visited as of early September, 1998
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Ottawa WaterWalk Updates - October 2nd to November 1, 1998


Our planet is blue because most of its surface is covered with water. Water Is Life. Unfortunately our sources are polluted by individuals and industry undermining the health of our nation. Our governments value the rights of corporations and multi-nationals over humanity and the earth. Their policies of exploitation have brought us to the point of a global water crisis.

As Canadians, if we do not speak up right now for sustainability; make a stand today, at this very moment for something that we believe in - something so simple as pure water - we shall lose it forever, dooming plants, animals and our children to extinction. These are the times; this is the last stand for water, air, earth: for life itself.

Eloise Charet


WaterWalk is intended to help focus and give voice to Canadian's concerns for water across the many regions of the country and to encourage an awakening to water consciousness everywhere in Canada. All people along the route are invited join in by foot, bicycle, wheelchair for any part or all of WaterWalk. Small samples of water (in drops) will be woven together and carried to Ottawa.

Pure water is essential to life and health. Governing titanic policies are undermining our health and our ability to leave a living legacy for our children. History has shown that the survival of civilizations depends on clean water supplies.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you know what you are drinking?
  • Are you involved with your community in assuring the quantity and quality of your drinking water?
  • Are we all fated to drink bottled water? From what source and at what cost?
  • Who will control your drinking water supply?

WaterWalk is not an organization. It is a movement of like-minded individuals who care about our water sources, and depends on the support of people en route.


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'Weaving the Waters' across Canada

British Columbia

Slocan Lake, Carpenter Creek, Silverton Creek, Hasty Creek, Fraser River, Pitt River, Nocomen Slough, Harrison Lake, Ruby River, Sawmill Creek, Errock, Yale, Spences Bridge, Aleksandr River, Springnew Creek, Nahatlatch River, Cache Creek, Thompson River, Deadman's Creek, Kamloops Lake, Shushwap Lake, Haven Springs, South Pass Creek, Golden Creek Pass, Mt. Stephen's Creek, Revelstoke (four rivers), Columbia River, Kicking Horse, Elk Creek


Cochrane, Bow River, Gleichen, Suffield, Cypress Hills


North Saskatchewan River (Prince Albert), Maple Creek, Crane Lake, Swift Current, South Saskatchewan River (Saskatoon), Reed Lake, Chaplin Lake, Moosejaw river, Buffalo Pound Lake, Wascana Lake, Ness Creek, Qu-appelle River, Lake Kannaskis, Reed Lake, Morse


Assiniboine river, Pine Creek, Red River, Lake Winnipeg, Winnipeg River, Black River (the heart of Turtle Island), Seine, Sturgeon Creek, Oak Lake, Falcon Lake, White Mouth River, Brokenhead River


Lake of the Woods (Kenora), Grassy Narrows Lake, Eagle Nest Lake, Elie Lake, Eagle river, Dogtooth Lake, Island Lake, Wabigoon River, Wabigoon Lake, Thunder Lake, Gulliver's Lake, Loch Lomond Lake, Lake Superior, Pearl Lake, Stillwater Creek, Nipigon Lake

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