B.C. WaterWalk Updates from 1998

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June 14th - a visit to Cochrane, Alberta
June 12th - about to enter Alberta
June 9th - back to Golden after the award
June 1st - Revelstoke to Golden
May 31th - leaving Revelstoke

posted: June 14th, 1998
source: Dave Good

The WaterWalk arrived in Lake Louise as planned. On Saturday, June 13th, Dave Good drove Eloise from Lake Louise to Cochrane, Alberta, where she attended the opening of the Cochrane Municipal Water Treatment Facility. Eloise had a chance to speak at the end of the other speeches. She was introduced by Gerry Ross, president of the local Cochrane Environmental Action Committee.

According to Dave Good: "The mayor and Eloise had a chance for a good conversation. Later we toured this facility and saw how the systems all worked - it was a "model" modern facility - "best in Alberta" - it is mostly intented to remove particulate matter [last spring Cochrane had to boil their water] during spring runoff - various upstream sources like Banff, Canmore, natural sources also."

After the opening, Dave Good drove Eloise back to Lake Louise. The WaterWalk plans to arrive in Banff on Sunday, June 14th.

Eloise also got the opportunity of meeting with members of the Alberta Environmental Coalition and the Alberta Water Caucus.

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posted: June 12th, 1998
source: Eloise Charet
[paraphrase from phone message]

Will be in Fields tonight, but still have some way to go. Will be in Lake Louise tomorrow, some time during the day and will be entering Alberta later in the day.
[editor's note: Am unclear on exact dates, but most likely Eloise will be in Lake Louise on Friday, June 12th]

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posted: June 9th, 1998
source: Eloise Charet

Eloise is traveling back to Golden on the afternoon of June 9th, after receiving her award in Victoria and spending a couple days in the Slocan Valley with family and friends.

Eloise will make some contacts in Golden on Thursday, June 10th, and then she and Kerry will go back on the Trans-Canada Highway again, headed for Lake Louise and Banff.

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posted: June 1, 1998
source: Barra McNeil & Stephen Lones

Eloise has driven to Vancouver with David and Tree in preparation for traveling to Victoria on June 4th to receive a Human Rights award from the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition. David and Tree had been walking with and videotaping Eloise from before her arrival in Kamloops. They will be editing their footage in the near future.

For the period of time that Eloise is off the road, Kerry will continue as the WaterWalker along the Trans-Canada highway towards Golden. He will be rejoined by Eloise after she returns from Victoria.

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posted: May 31, 1998
source: Barra McNeil

Eloise had a rest day on Sunday, May 31st. She had a chance to talk informally with a number of people, including the mayor of Revelstoke.

On Monday, Eloise walked 10 kilometers east out of Revelstoke, accompanied by several people. Bara McNeil, from New Denver, was among this group, and wrote the following:

In the deepest part of your heart you hope humans will value water and begin to take care of it. Walking on the Trans-Canada Hwy out of Revelstoke with Eloise, I thought if everyone that passes us knew the danger our water was in and spoke out and willed change, we have hope. We will make symbols and as people see them they will commit to protecting the water. Walking on the road is a deep felt experience. Try it and you will have a memory for life and of life.

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