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Video Library at Save Our Rivers
Three pages of videos and video clips from various sources detailing the "destruction of wilderness in the name of green power."

Vanishing Rainbows (youTube)
"The project proposed for Glacier and Howser Creeks just north of Kootenay Lake by Axor Corporation of Montreal is the largest and most destructive to date here in Kootenays." More can be read about this project by the film maker Doug Pyper at his blog post Ruin of the River

Dainty Deathly
Dainty Deathy Productions is a micro-media studio promoting activist documentaries and adventure based art films. Each of our productions works within an invisible budget and a non-traditional, visualist approach. Including: Symbiois, The End of Time, No Purpose, No Design

Howser in Peril
Directed by Tom Prior : Produced by Carl Jacks
"Howser in Peril" documents the efforts of a concerned local citizen who set out to explore the endangered Howser and Glacier Creek Valleys located in the Purcell Mountain Range north of Kaslo, BC. The idea of losing this pristine region to a private corporation is now set to become a reality as this massive project is currently waiting for final approval.


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