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The Life of Eloise

A short biography of Eloise's life from Quebec to Cambodia, Western Canada, South Asia and Nepal and back across Canada.

WaterWalk Blog

The place to find the most current information and postings about water issues

Newsletters and Documents


Correspondence Neil-Eloise 2008
Neil Murphy's response to the Glacier Creek Newsletter of March 2008 and the eventual response from Eloise later that year.


Glacier Creek Letters 2005-2007

Neil Murphy to Gabriela - May 2005
From Neil Murphy then Project Manager for Glacier Power, at that time located in Maple Ridge. Neil tries to assure Gabriela that the proposed project won't affect their property or lives and indeed may even benefit them. He implies that the gain of an improved road, power and telephone service would outweigh the loss of their creek.

The License to Print Money Letter - 2005
A letter from Neil Murphy to Gabriela's son in Toronto explaining that it takes a "bit" of effort before an approved "green" power project becomes insanely profitable. It is clear that the "green" in Purcell Green Power is more about the colour of US money than the environmental effects of massive diversions of creeks and the construction of high voltage transmission lines through pristine wilderness.

Letter from Gabriela to the BC EAO (Easy Approval Office) - August 2007
Gabriela expresses her concerns regarding the diversion of up to 80% of the flow of Glacier Creek upstream from their Rainbow's End Ranch. She also points out that they "were not even listed as stakeholders" in the proposal or the terms of environmental assessment!

Simon Goudreau to Gabriela and Mick - September 2007
Simon, the new project manager for AXOR Corp of Montreal, operating as Purcell Green Power, after taking over the project, or emerging from the background, expresses his concern about the blockade that the Grabowskys have erected to protect themselves from liability by those crossing their land on the road.

Glacier Creek Road - Ministry of Forests

Letters pertaining to the Glacier Creek Road from Ministry of Forests to the Grabowskys during the blokade - Summer of 2007

Grazing Issues with the Ministry of Foreststs

Letters and Documents pertaining to grazing rights negotiations between B.C. Ministry of Forests and Mick & Gabriela Grabowsky of Rainbow's End Ranch


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