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November 10, 2008:

Earlier this year Neil Murphy the so called "local" representative of Purcell Green Power wrote to Eloise to take issue with what he considered to be mis-representations in the March 2008 Glacier Creek Newsletter. Reading his diatribe makes one wonder if he consulted with Karl Rove to make sure he used as many of the neo-con talking points and condenscending/patronizing techniques of marginalizing any one with ideas that challenge your own greed based agenda/ideology that legitimizes rape of the planet. The letter from Neil and Eloise's eventual reply - written in an entirely different style that reflects an entirely different world view can be read here.

November 2008

Renovations on WaterWalk have been delayed by computer problems experienced by the webmaster and general all around busyness of both Eloise and Mr. Geek. Eloise has been busy with trying to protect water and wilderness and we've both been busy with the myriad things that summer brings, and the blessing of grandchildren.

Now that computer resources are harnessed once again and winter is approaching the renovation of the site can begin and updates on some of Eloise's concerns and activities can be shared with those who are interested in the ongoing struggle between the forces of life and greed.

The story of Eloise's life in Quebec, BC, Cambodia and other parts of Asia has been moved to its own page which is now located here.

Below are (1) the latest update concerning the status of the Glacier/Howser Creek IPP project and an account of Eloise's trip to the East Kootenay to join others to stop the un-authorized attempted jump-start on construction of the still not approved Jumbo Resort. The most important thing to note in the following information is that Kenyon McGee on behalf of the Grabowskys has been successful in having the hearing relating to the injunction against the blockade of Glacier Creek Forestry road to the Nelson Courthouse. The hearing is now scheduled December 8, 2008 - at the Nelson Courthouse, where it should have been all along in this observer's view.


This spring and summer have been relatively quiet but behind the scenes there is a definite build-up. The Grabowsky's have received a permit to open range their horses in certain places. There are demands within it that make it frustrating and almost useless but it's a beginning.

Axor's final application for their independent power project up Glacier/Howser creek was rejected by the Environmental Assessment Office. The disturbing thing is the fact that the proponent only needed to follow the terms of reference that they themselves had written in this very biased process. They could not even fulfill this basic requirement. Instead of accepting responsibility for their own problems, the delay was blamed on the theft of their hydrology station by supposedly those who blocked the road, even calling it local Kootenay eco-terrorism.* Another vain attempt to accuse, intimidate and label little people standing for life. As to date, there is no indication as to just when the final application will be resubmitted.

Kenyon McGee, the Grabowsky's lawyer has presented papers to Axor to begin the process of revealing the full nature of their contract with B.C. Hydro, the so-called GREEN (GREED) initiative by the government. December 8th is a crucial date at the courthouse in Nelson, Kenyon succeeded in demanding that the case be brought home instead of Vancouver. When the injunction was presented last year, close to 90% of the contract was blanked out for good reasons I am sure they don't want the public to know what kind of deals are going on behind closed doors.

The last remnants of old growth trees on earth are being logged; Tunis creek and other isolated areas. The 'Singing forest' that once represented a sacred place for the people is being ravaged. Pudding Bowl at the top end of the Duncan is being investigated by the Ministry of Environment or Forestry because it was logged right into the creek. The Argenta watershed is slated for logging with the excuse of pine beetle control when in fact logging spreads it. What's left of our precious watersheds is being logged. There is no end in sight to this endless consumption of our sources and resources.

Our mountains have been combed all summer by 'entrepreneurs' checking potential creeks or alpine for power projects, rocks for mining claims and sites to build homes for the wealthy. The 'crown' is up for sale on all levels now that the governing forces have wiped out many Indigenous people, trees, animals and fish. This colonial rule that assumes ownership of the earth by dominating and exploiting all life has reached its maximum perversion by leaving a wasteland as a legacy for future generations. Even more difficult to face is the fact that the land once belonged in our hearts (not on paper) and still belongs to us, who see the earth as a sacred living entity, not as a possession to be used and abused. No decision is made without considering the effect on the next five generations. This is a very different consciousness from passing laws that removed children from their native roots to die in residential schools; laws that destroy the earth for the sake of power. What are we doing to this fragile planet? What kind of example are we to our children?


*A false flag attack seems just as likely and just as well supported by any evidence!
-the computer whisperer


In August Tom Prior, Henry Hutter and I traveled to East Kootenays to Invermere and up Horsethief Creek road to support a team of local people who blocked the road to the Jumbo Glacier. They were concerned about the recent attempted ski lift development and the road being carved through the alpine to enable it to happen. It's part of the road to Jumbo which aroused everybody's suspicion. It's comparable to Axor's Glacier Creek power project going through to the hopeful Jumbo resort by chance.

The camp was well organized; many people of all ages were there. All the older generation of 'Keep Jumbo Wild' came in full force. They would say: "This has been a twenty year project of trying to save these precious mountains and wilderness from being developed." Many came from Wildsight ,an environmental group located nearby.

We were camped in a clearcut and there were many more surrounding us. One could easily notice the sediment from the roads and clearcuts eroding the landscape and washing silt into the creeks along with the milky white glacier melting at an exponential rate. At times, we heard a loud explosion and rumble coming down the rock. A huge chunk of ice broke off and poured itself down the mountain. One elder called it the tears of the glacier.

We celebrated the victory after the road crew pulled out their machinery. The Provincial Minister of Tourism insulted our First Nation's people, in particular the Tunaxa who came out in full force. We celebrated with cake and drinks. A Tunaxa spiritual leader spoke: "When there is danger, the bears gather together and have a safe place to go. Will there be no safe place left for them? Must we occupy every inch of the earth and leave nothing for other creatures?" Others spoke and said their piece. It was a good day with over a hundred people who braved the hour long rugged road to be present because they care.

Henry and I stayed for close to a week. We had sumptuous meals and helped with the camp chores. Some people took walks to the foot of the Glacier and came back in awe at the majestic quality of being in such a place.

In September, the government announced that nothing will happen up there over the winter. These hardy people of the East Kootenays pulled down the camp and have set it aside to be ready by spring in case it's needed again. They had a party to celebrate their courage in the face of such adversity and their great love for Jumbo Wild.


Coming soon:

We are preparing a page of links to other organizations whose goals complement those of WaterWalk.

Also in the preparation stages is a gallery for photos of the lands and waters the preservation of which gives purpose to this site.

The next item on our agenda though is the publication of some correspondence between Eloise and the carpetbagger who is the local representative of Axor Corporation, the mid-level corporate master of PurcellGreenPower (the GREEN part referring more to the color of US Dollars than any concern for the environment). Our local carpetbagger felt it was his duty to pen a condescending letter to Eloise after he read the Glacier Creek Newsletter - March 2008. Others who have had the temerity to doubt the unlimited benefits of the Glacier/Howser Creek Theft Project publicly also tend to hear from this individual, though in Eloise's case he even had the courage to indentify himself for a change, unlike the shady individual(s) who launched the DOS like attack on the now removed comment board here at WaterWalk.

Speaking of comment boards, a blog, complete with comment boards for each posting is in the works for WaterWalk and the Computer Whisperer, for one, looks forward to this enhanced opportunity for discourse about these issues so critical to the future of our province and indeed our planet and the world our grandchildren and their grandchildren may get to or have to live in.

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