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In May, Neil sent the following message to Eloise:

Your Waterwalk March 2008 Web Diatribe

Friday, May 16, 2008 3:30 AM
From: xxxx@xxx.com
To: eloise@eloisecharet.ca

Hi Eloise,

Read through your Glacier Creek News release of March 2008, posted on your "Waterwalk" Eloise Charet web site. I note and question your technical inaccuracies, conspiracy theories, chronological misrepresentations and political viewpoints of your news release posting, but I must say that you are very articulate, and organized at putting into words and presenting your viewpoint.

A couple of facts about last summers 2007 Glacier Creek FS Road blockade at the Rainbows End's Ranch property.

BC Hydro, BC Forestry or the Province of BC, where not involved, or party to, in any way, in our decision or implementation to seek a court injunction to remove the 2007 blockade by your group on the Glacier Creek FS Road.

Also associated with the Glacier Creek blockade:

The vandalism and theft of our hydrology station installations on Glacier Creek, was a predictable attempt by possible participants with the Glacier Creek FS Road blockade group, as an attempt to deprive the GH Project of the necessary hydrology information to properly assess and ensure that our GH Project would not have an unacceptable impact on the Glacier Creek, and also the Howser Creek eco systems.

This would be called misguided, local Kootenay eco-terrorism, or simply theft over 5000. dollars.

Fortunately our Glacier Howser Project had backup hydrology data systems, which were in place to provide the creek flow hydrology information that was needed.

To keep you informed, about the Glacier Howser Project:

The GH Project will be submitting the Formal GH Project Application to EAO (Environmental Assessment Office) in the coming weeks, (1000+pages plus many maps and engineering drawings).

The Application addresses all the First Nations, environmental groups, public and agency inputs and concerns submitted through the EAO process based on the original Terms of Reference submitted for the Glacier Howser Project to EAO. Many of the GH Project

Take the time to read the GH Project Formal Application which will be available on the www.eao.gov.bc.ca or the www.purcellgreenpower.com web site. If you do not, then you are depriving yourself of the necessary information that you need to support or not, your idealistic opposition to our Glacier Howser Project.

Once the GH Project Formal Application is submitted to EAO, then EAO will schedule open house public meetings at Meadow Creek, Kaslo and Invermere. Dates and times of the GH Project Open House Meetings will be published in all area local media.


Neil Murphy
BC Regional Project Manager
Glacier Howser Project
Ph: (250) 551-4655

Then in September or October, at least that is when I learned of it, Eloise finally managed to compose a reply and sent it to Neil.

My dearest Neil,

My eventual response to your letter is to state that itís not so much a diatribe of conspiracy theories and so on but closer to an appeal to Leave a Living Legacy for future generations rather than a dammed one. I speak as an ordinary person, as a grandmother of the Bear Clan whose duty it is to see to the future generations of all life forms and safeguard the waters of life.

I do not see the earth in an active role wanting to transform it according to my needs but rather in a passive way; wanting to co-exist and care for the source of life, not to dominate or desecrate it but treat it as a sacred living entity. If I need electricity, I would think small and diversify. I would try a solar or small wind power plus hydro if need be; perhaps a waterwheel or maybe a small pipe along stream. Maybe get together with a group of neighbors or the community and organize ourselves to have our own small hydro rather than pay some big guy money to become the rich elite. In other words polyculture, not monoculture; we take local control and share the earth with all life rather than the few controlling the many with their BIG MEGA, JUMBO, TITANIC projects that drill big holes for kilometers into mother earth, cut through hundreds of streams, ravage the landscape, disturb every creature, drain the creek and destroy entire ecosystems. Rape is the only word strong enough to convey my feelings about your project.

Itís really about a consciousness rather than anything else, a philosophy or perhaps faith. How we learn to treat one another and extend that mannerism to all creatures surrounding us. Some think they can control, dictate, dominate, own the earth, the people. Even the Rule of the law must bend to divine or natural law in the end. If a hurricane is heading for the courthouse, everybody must go home. Other people speak of being a part of the circle of life; they seek to mediate and understand rather than condemn and demand order. Nobody owns the earth but ask and pray if a plant, a tree or an animal will come with you, if a stream likes your project. To receive a reply, you must learn to silence all the clutter of the mind and be open to listening. I chose to be of those who keep a simple lifestyle and try to walk the path of love and compassion.

I will never read your report itís just too long and boring. There are lots of words and figures that make it look like you guys are pretty smart and you surely are. But the intellect side has to consider the heart of the matter; the premise upon which you function, the cornerstone of your belief. Is protection electrifying someoneís house to keep robbers away or making sure all children have pure water to drink? Itís that simple. The heart seeks to nurture and the intellect says I want power.

Our teachings tell us that we should never pass judgment on others. We can only speak for our self. Tying the roadblock-ees in with the disappearance or theft of your hydrology station is overwhelming. Words like local Kootenay eco-terrorism are very harmful. Itís obvious that you are trying to condemn us to a greater charge and make us poor old peasants into terrorist with the latest expression for the modern day witch hunt. Iím sorry; I thought you would have more integrity and respect for us than that.

And on that note all I can say is that it all makes me feel very sad....

Peace be with you,

All I can say is that these two e-mails illustrate two very different views of the world, and I know which one leads to a future for my (and everyone else's) grandchildren and which allows a few to accumulate obscene piles of money in the present.

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