Glacier Creek/Howser Creek Hydroelectric Proposal
Purcell Green Power Inc. - AXOR CORPORATION

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November 27, 2006  letter  by Gabriel Grabowsky, co-owner of Rainbow's End Ranch on Glacier Creek, to the Water Licence Officer in Cranbrook, B.C.

Shown below are jpeg images of a handout opposing the Glacier/Howser hydroelectric proposal and a petition asking that construction not be approved.

PDF printable versions of the handout and petition: if you are willing to help, please pass out copies of the handout and return signed petitions to:  Eloise Charet, Box 2, New Denver, B.C. V0G 1S0

     Glacier/Howser handout (PDF) - 2 pages

     Glacier/Howser petition (PDF)

Letter to the Water Licence Officer in Cranbrook B.C. concerning the
Glacier/Howser hydroelectric proposal by Axor Corporation

November 27, 2006

Dear ******

My partner and I own Kootenay Lake district Lot 6333. Glacier Creek runs through our property. In 1992 when we purchased the land it was a partly logged mining claim. In short, it was a lifetime project to build into a ranch. The reason we bought it was the incredible vibrant water, which over the years has become increasingly valuable to us. As a giver and taker of life, Glacier Creek has few equals. From a satellite photo one can see our land at the bottle neck of an immense ancient river system with several glaciers draining into it.

Much of the valley [above] us has been extensively logged on precipitous slopes and is prone to avalanches. Sometimes chunks of glacier fall off and wash out the road above us. Sometimes we have days of turbulent rocking and rolling of boulders. Islands have recently relocated in our front yard where we haul water. The river is ever changing and has even removed a bridge we built that was higher than the road. In 1985 it washed forty loads of decked logs and a skidder away. The skidder was totally buried in debris and not found until months later.

The original road [across our property] was washed away and another put in place, but we question its legality since it is not what was on the original survey. Sometimes Glacier Creek carries logs and stumps in water of such turbidity that I cannot see my fist in a gallon jar of it. This can continue for days depending on the elements. It also freezes from the bottom up as well as the top down. If these people take away 80% of the water from somewhere up above our land, the creek now runs so shallow at times I fear it will freeze solid in winter when it gets cold. It has almost done so in previous years and has been know to freeze right across. Sometimes the ice is many feet thick and we have a hard time hauling water. Ice levels fluctuate daily.

Glacier Creek has water shrews and rainbow trout. I heard it also has bull trout. It is a spawning channel for Kokanee. It is some of the most vibrant clear drinking water when circumstances are favourable...

Losing our water and increasing traffic [on our road] has little to commend it. If a slide [or] avalanche happens, a [large intake] weir some 3km above us does not make us feel safe. The Environmental assessment is being done in low water mid-November. The creek is not normally so quiet...

I raise horses as a hobby and water is vital to our operation. These people are not to be trusted...

What is being proposed here is not a run-of-the-river project. It is a full scale exploitation of the commons. The people of BC are standing to lose more than just another wild place. With 469 such applications province wide, the approval process should slow down and look at the big picture. I refer you to Oct. 2006 issue of Common Ground magazine. The cover is entitled "Our Stolen River" and the insert gives a comprehensive picture of what is really happening. (

I question the morals of someone [Axor Corporation] who comes along and wants to steal my water and pipe it away with no concern for how we, who have lived here over 13 years, might feel about it. It is some of the best drinking water on the planet. To run it through a turbine is sacrilege. The only thing green about this project is the cash they intend to generate with it. Their stories and tone have changed so much since they first spoke to us that my hackles go up now and I do not believe a thing they say. The well-being of my family is of no concern to these people. They just want our water. If it is within your power to hold them off, please do so. Future generations will thank you.


Gabriela Grabowsky
Rainbow's End Ranch

ed. note:
* words in [brackets] have been added for clarity.
* several sentences have been deleted which contain dated information or are personal or repetitive.
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