Glacier Creek Road Slide at 15K
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The six photographs below show the steepness of the hillside at the 15K slide location on Glacier Creek Forest Service Road where it crosses through the Rainbow's End Ranch property of Gabriela and Mick Grabowsky. For more details see the August 26th entry on the Glacier Road News page. These pictures also show the broken schist rock that the topsoil sits on and the large size of debris such as stumps and rocks which can come down the hillside, either slowly or in a major debris torrent if the ground becomes super-saturated with moisture.

toe of slide just before MoF work of August 23-24, 2007

side view showing toe of slide and steep hillside
taken just before MoF work of August 23-24, 2007
typical size stump that could be involved in slide activity

frontal view of right side of photo shown to the left
typical size of stump that can slide onto road
toe of slide before clearcut on August 24, 2007

showing creep of slide toe onto road just
before MoF work of August 23-24, 2007
looking down slide face to road far below

looking down face of slide to road far below
showing steepness of slope
current top edge of slide 325 feet above road

current top edge of slide 325 ft above road
slide can continue higher to rock bluffs above
large rock lying loose on slide face

large rock on upstream side of slide
lying loose, ready to come down

It is important to note that the tension is at the top of the slide. Hand work and plastic lined trenches would be required to divert moisture from the upper portion of the slide down to the road and underneath it through a culvert. None of this remedial action is being undertaken by MoF. On August 23, 2007 an MoF road contractor raised the roadbed three feet to create a berm for the toe of the slide. The next day, a logging subcontractor clearcut the lower portion of the slide face. MoF then re-opened the road, publically stating that the slide danger had been mitigated and the road was safe for use.

The following photos show the clearcutting done on the lower half of the slide face on August 24th by the local logging sub-contractor working under the MoF road contractor, contrary to all agreements and understandings between MoF and the Grabowskys. This cutting was done on the Grabowskys private property before their engineer, due to arrive the following day, had a chance to examine the slide zone and provide his recommendations. Tree removal involved far more than 'danger trees which might fall on the road'; it also included removal of ground cover down to sapling size. According the the Grabowsky's consultant, this clearcutting has made the slide zone more dangerous over the long term because the stumps will rot out and no longer help stabilize the soil. In the short term there are also a number of freshly felled trees lying on a very steep hillside which can come down onto the road. Trees up to 50 feet above the road were removed by excavator using a grapple. Heavy machinery crushed and broke apart these trees by running over them, and the pieces were hauled to a slash pile down the road. The contractor then told the Grabowskys they could salvage from this pile of fractured, useless wood which had just been cut from their private property.

ten inch cedar stump 100 feet up slide

stump of ten inch cedar felled 100+ ft up slide
soon it will no longer stabilize the steep slope
sapling felled 100 ft up slide

sapling felled 100+ feet up the slide face
how is this a 'danger tree' ?
new roadbed with felled trees on slide face

view downslope showing felled trees and
new roadbed below
a tangle of downed trees and saplings left on slide face

tangle of downed trees and saplings on slide face
shot taken from inside tangle, looking upwards
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